Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Experimental Exam is now finished!

The students would have finished their experimental exam a few minutes ago. The leaders were up, late last night, discussing and translating the questions for the experiment. Many leaders didn't get back to the hotel until almost dawn. Some decided to sleep in this morning, and missed the trip to the Turkish baths and flower gardens of Isfahan. The leaders have been kept separate from the students since Sunday evening when we had dinner together in the courtyard of a hotel that used to be a caravan stop. A few drops of rain fell- that happens but rarely this time of year- but the cool refreshing breeze was a welcome shift from the heat. The students were bubbling over with questions about the theoretical exam, wanting to know how they did (the leaders don't know yet), or how they should have solved some of the problems. We laughed and told stories and enjoyed the unending hospitality ofour Iranian hosts. Tonight the leaders will join the students for dinner, and, once again, we will discuss exams. Now that the students are finished,