Monday, July 16, 2007

Photos from Opening

The following web site has some wonderful photos of the beginning events in the international event now underway in Iran. One of the photos shows Jenny Kwan of the US team.

In contrast to all the good news about the international physics olympiad competition in Iran, the event was marred by an incident that saddens all those who know the history of the event.

The founder and president of the International Physics Olympiad died suddenly of a heart attack that he suffered during the current competition in Isfahan, Iran. Waldemar Gorzkowski founded the Physics Olympiad event in Poland in 1967, and he served as the president of the event since that time.

Waldemar was a friend and a leader among all of those interested in physics education and in international cooperation. He encouraged all nations to identify and to encourage all students interested in physics. His leadership sustained and inspired the olympiad competitions since their founding four decades ago.

AAPT joins all of Waldemar’s friends and admirers in expressing our sympathy on his passing and our gratitude for all he did to advance international cooperation and physics education.