Sunday, July 22, 2007

Medals for the USA

The results are in; 2 gold (Haofei and Jason), 3 silver (Jenny, Rui, and Kenan).

The USA was tied for third in the medal count:

China- four gold, one silver
Russia- three gold, one silver, one honorable mention
USA- two gold, three silver
Korea- two gold, three silver
Iran- two gold, two silver, one bronze
Japan- two gold, two silver, one bronze.

India, Vietnam, Czech Republic, Singapore, Ukraine, and Canada also received two golds and other medals.

The USA ranked fifth in terms of the point count, although the IPhO doesn't officially pay attention to country rankings.

We finished the day with celebrations and a dinner in a public garden under the stars.

Now the leaders are trying to pack all of our recent acquisitions- including some Persian Carpets- in time for our bus departure to Tehran.