Monday, July 23, 2007

The medal winners of the USA team. From left to right: Kenan (silver), Haofei (gold), Jenny (silver), Jason (gold), and Rui (silver).

In terms of medal counts, China came in first.

China: four gold, one silver
Russia: Three gold, one silver, one honorable mention
USA: Two gold, three silver
Korea: Two gold, three silver
Iran: Two gold, two silver, one bronze
Japan: Two gold, two silver, one bronze

Other countries gaining two gold, in order of medal totals, were India, Vietnam, the Czech Republic, Singapore, Ukraine, and Canada. Nine countries received one gold medal.

In terms of aggregate team scores, China was first.

China: 226.7
Korea: 217.2
Russia: 216.1
Japan: 206.9
USA: 204.2
India: 203.1
Iran: 202.4
France: 202.4
Indonesia: 200.9

These results are, of course, unofficial. but they might be right.....

After a long bus ride from Isfahan to Tehran we were once again carefully escorted by our hosts through the check in process. We were allowed to wait in one of the first class departure lounges, and served tea, coffee, and munchies while we waited to board. Then we were allowed to go to the boarding area through a back door, so that we didn't need to wait in line.

The flight was uneventful, except that it was crowded. Only Paul had an empty seat beside him; the others complained of being squeezed into chairs, or being told to have their faces washed by their seatmates, or being converted by missionaries. They ought share these stories.

Except for the aborted landing because of a "conflict of airspace", all went smoothly as we arrived at JFK. Bob took Haofei and Kenan to LaGuardia; Paul took Jenny and Jason to get checked in at American; and Rui met his father. It will still be many hours before everyone is home, but we are healthy, happy, although likely fragrant.

From the waiting area of jetBlue at JFK,